Rhi & Partners provides extensive and detailed legal advice for transaction and litigation matters.  Lawyers of Rhi & Partners have experience at large law firms and/or as judges and prosecutors for more than a decade.  Partner-level attorneys of Rhi & Partners provide well-balanced strategies and solutions in view of both short-term and long-term objectives of the client. 

Lawyers of Rhi & Partners include Sanghong Seo, Esq., a former judge, former Secretary-General of the Constitutional Court of Korea and former Chairman of the Korean Government Legal Service; Young Sunwoo, Esq., a former director of a major prosecutors' office; and Jihn U Rhi, Esq., a former in-house counsel of a multinational corporation and former partner of a major Korean law firm who provided legal advice to large Korean and international corporations as well as technology-based startups.  Rhi & Partners, with senior legal experts from large law firms, courts, and prosecutors' offices, has strength in both transaction and litigation matters.


​Rhi & Partners is the only Korean member of Meritas, a global law firm alliance network. The Meritas network enables legal services for overseas expansion of Korean companies, international corporations' launch into the Korean market and/or other crossborder partnerships. 

While duly representing its clients, Rhi & Partners fulfills its social responsibility according to strict ethical standards.

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